It’s the name of my imaginative game that can be played with tiny particles that look like a bunch of small square blocks.

You enter the house of particles with suspense and lots of expectations. The moment you touch any object, it sheds some particles. These particles are the main…

COVID-19 has changed our lives completely; there were many changes that we all have experienced and still experiencing. From uncertainty, financial pressure, challenging modifications in daily routine, and social isolation, every circumstance has contributed enough to build stress, anxiety, and depression.

The continuous and never-ending fear of getting sick, losing…

Freelance that was a choice of selective professionals now has become a booming career option. Well, thanks to the pandemic, work from home and Freelancing has taken a new shape and importance in the market.

When you need to stay at home all the time, and there is always a…

Tanushree Pathak

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