Are You Still Feeling the Psychological Effects of COVID-19? You Are Not Alone!

People believe that they are feeling lonely, stressed, and depressed due to COVID-19 but do you know the fact that mental health issues were always there. Yes! You read it right, it was there, but now as people are getting affected more, this has become a not so rare phenomenon.

As the pandemic has given a huge rise to stress, depression, and anxiety, now people have come forth and started talking about their situation. There are many reasons that have been highlighted, like loss of job, isolation, physical and social distance, constant fear of spread, and loss of loved ones.

Though we see a bright light on the other side of the tunnel because of vaccination and restrictions lifted by the government, still mental health hasn’t yet found its light.

There are many cases that I have personally noticed in my surroundings, and they are very disheartening.

  • A fear of being alone at home when others are out for work is quite the common one.
  • Always living in a panic that if there is a little temperature rise, it may be COVID.
  • Black fungus has contributed more to this. Now people have started checking their eye color, mucus in the nose, and fluid in the ears. I mean, the fear of getting infected is what makes us all crazy.

The only thing that we see on television is COVID cases, new variants, and how people are dying from it. There is not even a single news that throws the light on improvements. These are some of the main reasons why during the pandemic, psychological effects have increased.

People want to go out and work, but it’s hard to wear a double mask for 9 to 10 hours. And there are companies that are deducting 30% of your salary if you opt for work from home. I mean, seriously, in spite of helping each other at this time of crisis, some companies are taking advantage of it. That’s such a shame. You can not fight for your life because of fear of job loss. Now that’s again an addition in the process of creating stress and depression.

The pandemic demonstrated to us the psychological repercussions of structures declining, devising methods to build more social supports and protective measures that are widely known to provide psychological well-being.

Remember, you are not alone in this. There are several people out there who are facing the same issues. So instead of hiding behind the walls, it’s better to come out and opt for a medical consultation.

Lastly, I would only recommend staying positive and believing in yourself. It’s just a phase, not the end of life.